Naturopathic Services

The focus of naturopathic medicine is to increase health, vitality and create a sense of well being.  My aim is to create innovative, individualized health programs that will assist you to a state of optimal health and vitality, enabling the enjoyment of a healthier and therefore happier life. Be symptom and medicine free!

Naturopathic practice blends millennia old natural, nontoxic therapies with advances in the science and understanding of health and disease, covering all aspects of family medicine and most medical specialty fields.
Naturopathic medicine concentrates on whole-patient wellness, centering on helping people understand their current state of health with an emphasis on prevention and self-care. We explore physical, emotional and environmental factors that may contribute to a condition where optimal health is compromised. Naturopathic medicine attempts to find the underlying cause of the patient’s condition rather than focusing on symptomatic treatment; looking to solve problems, not mask them.

Medical Aesthetics
A major, but often overlooked, part of health and wellness is how you feel about yourself.  We can help repair and tone your skin so you project the most confident, beautiful sense of wellness in your appearance.  Botox/Dysport, Dermal Fillers and PRP Vampire Facelift are all tools to a ‘More Beautiful You!’

A comprehensive approach of pharmaceutical and nutritional sciences to help patients lose weight safely and effectively. We use natural hormones and nutrients to help direct your body to use up calories from fat. So instead of storing the fat, you are metabolizing the fat stores into energy and by-products of metabolism. This results in safe, effective and rapid weight loss.

Bio-Identical Hormones
Bio-identical hormones are compounded by pharmacists who create a cream or pill that release a hormone which is a replica of the body’s natural hormones. The safest and most effective way to use these hormones is through first undergoing testing to determine your hormone levels. With this information, I can prescribe a treatment protocol to effectively bring your hormones back into balance and relieve your symptoms.

Chelation therapy
Binding heavy metals will improve cardiovascular function and improve blood flow to all the organs of the body including the heart. Chelation therapy involves the intravenous infusion of vitamins, magnesium, saline solution and a chelating agent.  The intravenous solution is slowly infused into the bloodstream and seeks out toxic metals in the body such as lead, cadmium, and aluminum.   Patients struggling with chronic candida overgrowth, fatigue and autoimmune conditions may benefit from chelation.

Neural Therapy
Neural therapy is a type of injection, pioneered by German doctors, that works by resetting the firing patterns in nerves that regulate certain areas of the body. It can help with pain as well as resetting the way organs, muscles, and joints recieve repair signals from the nervous system. Neural therapy is a treatment designed to restore optimal neural function in the body.

Neurotransmitter balancing
Testing neurotransmitters such as Serotonin, Dopamine, GABA, Dopamine, and Acetylcholine prior to prescribing any natural or pharmaceutical medication is highly effective and effecient. Through neurotransmitter chemical balancing we can treat mood disorders, adrenal dysfunction, loss of mental focus, addiction and dependency, hormonal imbalances, and loss of appetite.

Diet & Lifestyle Counseling
Dietary counselling can affect all aspects of illness and disease prevention: high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, mens and womens health, paediatrics, lactation, newborn health, weight loss, healthy weight management, autism spectrum disorders and more. Using Salveo’s clinically proven diets yields long term results that you can depend on.

Therapeutic Nutrition
Many conditions are treated successfully through focused supplemental intervention. Targeted nutritional therapies have fewer complications and side effects than pharmaceutical drugs.

Intravenous Therapy
IV medicine is well suited as a natural interventional therapy, as it enables us to introduce the nutrients you need directly into the bloodstream. Micronutrient IV’s are especially effective in acute conditions requiring immediate results e.g. immune stimulation in colds and flu, mononucleosis etc, and also benefits most chronic diseases.

Physical medicine
Hydrotherapy, infrared sauna, injections and soft tissue work may be included in the treatment plan. The Bowen technique is a gentle, effective form of bodywork that addresses both the musculo-skeletal and internal organ systems and may also be part of the treatment plan.

Naturopathic physicians use many conventional diagnostic tools including a thorough health history, physical examinations, X-rays, and comprehensive laboratory tests when indicated.

Prescription Medicines
Sometimes your situation requires the use of prescription drugs. Dr. McGee has her prescriptive rights and is able to write prescriptions as necessary.

Herbal Medicine
Many plants are powerful medicines, effective and safe when prescribed properly. Naturopathic physicians are the only licensed health care providers fully trained in the use of plant medicine.

One of the most powerful and effective systems of naturopathic medicine, homeopathy can be used to treat both physical and mental/emotional ailments. Remedies are prescribed to stimulate the body to heal itself.




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