New Patients

New Patients

First visit
(45 – 60 minutes) – Please bring your intake forms, consent forms and copies of any recent blood work or imaging tests. The first appointment is about getting a good idea of your medical history, current health concerns and to discuss the goals and expectations.  Some treatment recommendations on your first visit may be given.

Second Visit (20 – 30 minutes)Generally scheduled two weeks later, the second visit may include a complaint oriented physical exam and answering any questions that have come up. Once the medical history and physical exam have been completed, we will establish a treatment plan that contains short and long term goals for your health.

Return visit (20-30 minutes) – The time between return appointments depends on the severity of the condition and the therapies used.   Someone receiving active treatments may come in every month for a follow up.  Someone on a stable long-term plan may come in once a season to check in.  Acupuncture, Bowen technique, Neural therapy and Intravenous therapy appointments are often weekly during active treatment.

Brief visit (10 – 15 minutes) – A brief visit is offered to answer quick questions that arise and for the doctor to check in and make sure you are on track with the treatment plan and to give refills.

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